Latest Security and Software Asset Management

Every organization has to understand the concept behind the security and software asset management. With the introduction of technology, a new concept that is very helpful in the success of every individual who is in the business industry is also presented. So, what is Software Asset Management? This is actually a practice that is not only beneficial in your growth as an organization but also in the growth of the money that you are getting as a whole group.

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Canon EOS 70D vs. Canon EOS 7D Comparison Review

Yes, Canon have made some cameras, which is a little surprising in a day and age when washing machine companies such as LG are making phones, or DVD player manufacturers are making…phones. Okay, so a lot of companies seem to be expanding into other areas (phones). And no, before you Google it, Canon have not made a phone (not entirely anyway). So, if you can tear yourself away from your Smartphone and its camera, you may like to look at… Continue reading


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How started

Here’s a funny video showing how Jeremy Schneiderman started the company in 1997 from a single truck to a store and then online establishing

The Nerds: Quality Computer Parts And Accessories

The Nerds provides the largest inventory of computer parts and accessories sourced directly from manufactures and specifically inspected by seasoned pros. Founded in 1997, by Jeremy Schneiderman, “The Nerds” has maintained… Continue reading

Golfsmith Coupons and Promotion Codes 2014

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Save $100 on Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watches

Golfsmith: All For Improved Golf Performance

callaway golfsmithGolfsmith provides golf lovers all they need for effective performance in golf games. Whether you want to start taking golf training or you are actually heading off for a great competition, it offers from golf clubs, shoes, and apparels to other indispensable golf accessories. It is a one-stop solution to all the golf tools, materials and components.… Continue reading

Review Committee’s Not-so-subtle Green Light for NSA

The National Security Agency has been in a lot of trouble ever since the extent of their surveillance program was discovered. It has been a snowball of problems for the organization with one revelation after the other. While the agency’s actions had originally caused an uproar within the American public, with time (and the use of the Patriot Act), public dissent seem to be dissipating. However, civil libertarian groups didn’t show the same kind of understanding behavior, and for good… Continue reading

The Sky Is The Limit With SkyDrive

Cloud storage is amazingly functional these days. It provides us with the opportunity to synchronise our lives and ensure that we never lose a file ever again, even if some disaster hits our devices.

A major factor behind the uptake of Cloud storage services is the improvement in broadband. We now have superfast Internet in our homes and through mobile broadband. Home broadband has hit 330 Mb per second through BT Infinity. To find out about broadband in your area… Continue reading

Remo Recover Review and Coupon

Remo Recover is a well-featured top notch data recovery software suite designed to help you recover lost or accidentally deleted files and data, not only from your compute but also from other external storage devices. Remo Recover can successfully recover text documents, photos, music, videos and other document formats. Whether you lost your data by accidentally re-installing your OS, your files were deleted from RAID drives and partitions, by reformatting hard drives, emptying recycle bins and others, Remo Recover… Continue reading

How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Fulfill the Purpose of Cloud Computing?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) refers to the virtualization technique that allows access to desktops that are virtualized and hosted over the web on a remote service. It actually defines hardware, software and other forms of sources needed for a standard desktop virtualization. It is also known in other names like “virtual desktop interface”

 There are questions whether VDI has been replaced by cloud computing, but the answer to this is no. In fact, cloud computing acts as an alternate form… Continue reading

Is A Bigger Mobile Screen Better? The Sony Xperia Z1 Vs. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra

The Smartphone manufacturers seem to be pushing their brands to the limit.  They want to offer consumers as much as possible in a single model, and offer them the opportunity to use one device for all their needs.

The two Sony devices, the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra differ in a few aspects.  The displays are of different sizes, the cameras offer differing megapixels, the battery sizes differ for obvious reasons, and the overall designs differ only slightly.

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Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Software Training


One thing that is true about technology is that it is constantly developing and progressing. Most commonly, people refer to the aging and obsolescence of hardware when speaking about advancements, but it this not the only problem that businesses face. New software is always being developed and the need for continuous training to inform employees of its proper use never ceases. Now, more so than ever, more advanced software platforms are available to businesses through cloud networking tools like… Continue reading

Solving The SnapChat Spam Problem

SnapChat has developed a promiscuous problem, but it’s not what you think it is. Alright, fine. It’s almost exactly what you think it is. Photos of women who have seemingly misplaced their garments are being distributed to all public SnapChat users. But these women aren’t your friend; they may not even be women at all. It’s SnapChat spam, and it can be defeated.

These spam SnapChat accounts all have similar usernames (ex. EvaSnap_7158, KimSnap_3880, JenSnap_308) and distribute pictures of women… Continue reading

Punch Home & Landscape Design for Mac; Review and Coupons

Punch Home Design Studio is a Mac home design software, manufactured by Encore Software Inc., fully-featured with tools and different types of objects that make it the best among many other design software in the market. It is the right tool for any home design work, including that kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, living room makeover, basement build-out or just to design your dream home. The software comes with a pack of templates that will help you to design… Continue reading

My Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Review and Coupons

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is one of the best protection software in the market. It is well featured with all the tools needed to safeguard your computer from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware programs and threats. Not only that, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus will also protect your surfing activities, blocking harmful websites and stopping spyware programs designed to steal information from or exploit vulnerabilities in your system. Wondering what you would get with Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus? Here are some of… Continue reading

ParetoLogic Coupons, Product Details and User Reviews

You don’t have to be a geek to get your computer optimized and performing flawlessly. The guys at ParetoLogic made sure of that with their on-demand software products that have been downloaded in over 196 countries. ParetoLogic is a computer software company founded in 2004 by four software professionals who saw the need to give back the power of PC optimization to its rightful owners, me and you. They set to solve the problem of security risks, slowdowns, and… Continue reading

7 Ways To Reduce The Security Risks Associated With Cloud Hosting

Now that I’ve started to often stare intently at the clouds, one constant thing I’ve noticed is that they are consistently morphing. Having fixed edges isn’t one of their strong suits. This lack of edges most accurately defines the security risks associated with cloud hosting.

Even though cloud hosting is one of IT’s shining lights over the past decade, it doesn’t come without baggage. Security is probably the only boulder standing in the cloud’s way. But don’t worry, we’re here… Continue reading

What Has Changed From Crystal Reports 2008 To SAP Crystal Reports 2011

Crystal Reports is one of the most popular design and report generating software on the market for small and medium-sized businesses. This software platform is designed to help companies create valuable reports that help them make sound business decisions and distribute to investors. The Crystal Reports software is developed by SAP, who recently redesigned this software and released the newer Crystal Reports 2011 edition. This has led many business owners and managers to decide if they should switch to the… Continue reading

The Best 3 USA News Applications for Android Phones

Ever wanted readily access to all the newspapers and all the stories as they unfold? If you are like me and you have an Android, then you are just few apps away from accessing all the top news in your country and region. Here are three of the best news apps you can install in your Android device today.

US Newspapers by Baris Efe

This is an android app that you can use to read major US newspapers and news… Continue reading

Ten Ways Teachers Can ‘Teach Smarter’ Using The Latest Technologies.

The best thinkers about change in schools (Lieberman, Joyce, Loucks-Horsley, Fullan and Deal) emphasize the importance of informal support structures and the cultivation of a learning culture.  (McKenzie 1998) One of the ways teachers can work smarter by utilising technology is to flip the classroom. By arranging research projects around inquiry-based learning an online workspace can be arranged so that the entire course can be accessed both from school and home by the students, and family as well as tutors.… Continue reading