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Acronis vmProtect6 Review

Many people have been running on VMware platforms who may want to benefit from the patent data protection technology software solutions offered by Acronis. From their data safe storage software solutions to unequal backup and restore software products, effortless disk imaging  technology and reliable disk partition management software solutions, Acronis has shown the world a much faster, better and more reliable means of managing data while making their safety the priority at every level.

In order to bring this unquestionable functionality in VMware platform, Acronis partnered with VMware since 2006 when they launched P2V migrations for VMware customers. Four years later, their Backup and Recovery solution was offered with VMware Ready certification status. Having been vCloud Tested by VMware, Acronis now play a major role in the protection and migration of VMware virtualization infrastructure while still providing top-notch backup and recovery solutions.  Millions have benefited from this innovation; implementing virtualization at the most cost-effective, simplified and most secured environment. With Acronis and VMware, the journey to virtualization is meant to provide at its fullest, the most wanted benefits.

How Does Acronis vmProtect6 Work?

Acronis vmProtect6 comes with on-demand virtualization tools that can be managed through a simple user-friendly interface. It provides server consolidation, reliable backup & recovery, effective data protection and data storage benefits, including the ability to handle virtualization journey at all virtual platforms and different Operating System environments, like Windows and Linux. Acronis vmProtect6 combines Acronis Patent technology in disk imaging & partition management and effective data backup, recovery and storage capabilities with VMware virtual servers.

Acronis simplifies the migration of your physical servers to the virtual servers provided by Vmware which comes with top-notch management console, ensures the continuation and protection of your business by providing reliable backup and restore solutions and facilitates migration between virtual servers. As a user of the Acronis vmProtect6, you have a couple of recovery options. You can easily recover your entire virtual machine, choose between files or folders or backup storage and use it to run virtual machine directly which is almost an instant action.

Acronis vmProtect6 provides users unannounced service flexibility which facilitates easy deployment and ensures that all management can be accessed and conducted remotely through a web-based user-friendly interface. During the installation of application, you will be provided with two options; the vmProtect6 Virtual Appliance which runs on ESX or ESXi host with zero hardware or windows license requirement and the vmProtect6 Windows Agent which runs on a dedicated Windows machine and controls backup and recovery tasks. For effective backup operations, the featured VMware Change Block Tracking technology facilitates easy, reliable and faster incremental backup operations.  This fast backup activity is due to its ability to look inside the disks and volumes, identifying and copying blocks that actually have some data thereby avoiding the backup of an entire virtual disk each time. To help solve the problem of storage requirements and traffic, the built-in data de-duplication and compression technology identifies and saves identical blocks only once.

What about the security of the whole virtualization journey and management? Many people have complains of having lost vital files or folders to unsecured virtualization procedures. With Acronis vmProtect6, all backups are automatically read to ensure that no data is corrupt and that they are all recoverable. Additionally, a state-of-the-art 256 bit AES encryption is implemented on all backup operations with an option for offsite storage in a cloud-based storage with Acronis vmProtect6 Online.

Features of Acronis vmProtect6

Among the key features of Acronis vmProtect6 are:

Improved memory consumption

Acronis vmProtect6 requires no agent installation in every VM environment. This provides low memory usage and facilitates easy and stress-free management.

Stress-free installation

Acronis vmProtect6 is easy to install with options to either install on a Windows machine or deploy directly to an ESXi host to work as an independent Virtual Appliance.

Reliable backup and recovery

Acronis vmProtect6 provides reliable incremental backup solution with compression and de-duplication functionalities.

User-friendly interface

Acronis vmProtect6 features an easy to use web-based interface removing the need for any technical experience or perhaps any learning curve that many people encounter with some competing solutions.

Secure unlimited P2V migrations

Users are allowed unlimited physical-to-virtual server migrations with proven 256-bit AES encryption to effectively secure backups. Additionally, each backup is checked for corruption and verified for recovery.

Reviewed by Steven Papas

Reviewed by Steven Papas

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