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Below is a complete review and presentation of iContact as well as the most updated discount coupon. The firm was founded in 2003 in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., with the goal to develop and provide email marketing services and marketing software to businesses. Today, it has more than 700 thousand users and 70 thousand customers and helps them maximize their effectiveness of their investment and efforts. With innovative service, businesses can easily capture, maintain and train clients, give solutions and add value to the community inside and outside their business. Basically, iContact’s clients can produce and send their own mail autoresponders, surveys and newsletters, keep data and track it. Try the free 30-day services and after that upgrade to a paid package.

iContact Keeps You In Touch With Your List Subscribers

iContact is a company that provides social media and email marketing software based in North Carolina.  It has been in business since 2003 and has provided its services to over 1 million customers worldwide.  The goal of its products is to maximize your ROI and make email marketing easy.  Its software packages are tools that help small businesses grow and prosper.  They do this through their wide range of campaign monitoring features and easy-to-use dashboard interfaces.  iContact is known as an innovative industry leader.

 What You Get With iContact and How Does it Work

 You can take advantage of its tools and features by signing up for an account with them.  iContact’s email marketing software is totally comprehensive, letting you schedule messages, monitor click through activity with very specific stats, use their over 300 templates and more.  It can be used for both auto responders and RSS feeds.  You can find out exactly how many people are paying attention to your marketing messages, and that’s essential to making it work.

 iContact makes it easy to build and manage your list.  You can organize them into different categories and it’s easy to import contacts from an Excel or CSV file.  The really cool thing about this program is that you can filter your subscribers based on demographics, create various aliases, and send messages and offers that are perfectly targeted for your subscribers.  You can run all of your email marketing campaigns right here in one system.

 All of the hot social media sites are included, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +.  iContact offers all the buttons you need so that your readers can Like, Follow, Tweet and Share anything they find interesting.  You can also connect everything to your smartphones and there is also support for a number of third-party add-ons like sign-ups from WordPress or Joomla sites.

Watch the video tutorial below to get a complete idea from the inside of the software interface and features:

 Another feature lets you create custom surveys. You can make, edit and manage these surveys so that you can find out exactly what you’re customers think. This is a great way to get valuable feedback.  It also gives your customers a voice and makes your business more interactive, both of which are major benefits that keep them coming back for more.

 iContact offers many more templates than any other email marketing software program. There are more than 500 and they can all be customized. The wizard that walks you through the process of creating your campaigns also teaches you how to do it.  These templates can be used for updates and surveys.

 The great thing about its customization features is that you can tailor your messages to suit your audience. The appearance of your messages can perfectly match their tastes with images, formatting, hyperlinks, tables, and lines.  This is wonderful for branding your website.

 Marketing Campaign Reporting

 As anyone who has ever done an email marketing campaign knows, it’s tracking and monitoring that really makes your campaign a success.  iContact is full of features that let you track your progress and they’re easy to use.  It gives you reports showing you what messages were sent when, along with how many were delivered, forwarded or bounced. You also get to see unsubscribes and click throughs.

 The program presents you with all kinds of statistics in easy-to-read graph form. This goes not only for emails you send but also for posts on Twitter and Facebook. Social networking reports are probably the best new feature that the 2012 version offers.  It gives you thorough reports covering all of your interactions with your customers.

 Downsides Of iContact

 The only downside of iContact is that the program itself doesn’t track conversion rates for you.  It does everything else, but for some reason, not this.  In order to track conversions, you have to get an extra add-on called Salesforce.

 Other Perks

 The great thing about iContact is that everybody from Internet marketing gurus to complete make-money-online beginners can use it.  The interface is simple and easy to use.  Unlike most of the other programs out there that can overwhelm you with complexities, this tool keeps it simple.

 The templates are one of the things that make it so easy.  You don’t have to be a web designer to create striking-looking email messages.  You simply pick a template that you like, customize it and you’re ready to go.  You can also get into the HTML and make changes if you want to do that.

 When you want to create a marketing campaign, iContact walks you through the steps.  After you sign in, you click the ‘Create’ tab and choose what format you’d like it to be in.  These formats include plain text, HTML, webpage or one of the pre-designed templates.  You can create your messages and the schedule for them, and there are all kinds of scheduling features to play with.  When your messages are ready to go, the system has spell-check, spam test, and editing capabilities before they’re sent out.

 The pricing and packages offered by iContact are also easy to figure out.  They have different plans for every user, from large corporations with many customers to a small online business that’s just getting off the ground.  It can handle any volume whether big or small.

 Help And Support

 iContact is also known for its stellar customer service and support.  Unlike many Internet companies, they have a phone number you can use in order to reach a real human being when you’ve got a problem.  In addition to help forums and email support service, they give you access to live and recorded webinars, video tutorials, articles, user manuals and more.  There’s also the company blog and email newsletter.

 In case you don’t know where to get started, they also provide an email marketing guide that basically covers everything from the ground up.  It gives you instructions on how to create and execute campaigns, as well as insider tips on making your campaigns work that even old pros can benefit from.  Other topics are also discussed, like time management and goal setting.

 There are lots of email marketing software programs available, but none are nearly as simple yet comprehensive as iContact. Also, the company issues special discounts for the new customers. Click on the above links to redeem our iContact Coupon and other offers.

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