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iHome was established in 2005 from SDI technologies with a view to providing the world with the best deal in iPod electronics products. Having been in business for more than 6 years, iHome has quickly become the leading supplier of various iPod products and accessories including alarm clocks, clock radios, portable speakers, home audio systems, headphones, earbuds, charging stations and computer accessories for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. iHome is a well known name in the iPod industry. Its deals in quality iPod Speaker System distinguished its services inNorth America. The company has also gained millions of customers in over 60 countries with several awards to speak of its enticing business practices.

iHomeAudio Coupons

Get $20 Off on select items: iP4, iP2, iA9, iD37, iP15, iB24
Get $20 Off iRadio
iP16 – Get $30 Off on Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker System for iPhone or iPod
iP97 – 40% Off on Portable Speaker System for iPhone/iPod
35% Off on Portable Speaker System for your iPod/MP3 Player in Pink or Blue
iDM9 – Get 20% Off on Cupholder Portable Bluetooth Speakerphonee
iA90 – Get 40% Off on App-enhanced Dual Alarm Stereo Clock Radio for your iPhone/iPod® with AM/FM Presets

Some of its most reputable gadgets are:

iA100 Bluetooth audio system for iPod: With the iA100 Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your favorite music through the wireless connection between your device and the audio system. The single button control allows users to receive and terminate calls from their device with clear sound effects.

iD3 studio series audio system: iHome iD3 was designed to produce perfect sound effects with iPad, iPhone and iPod. It comes in sleek modern designs and features a video component output, remote control, bongiovi digital power station technology and 50 watts of power, including the highest quality coaxial neodymium speakers.

iP15 LED color changing stereo system: Like playing selections from your iPod or iPhone? The iP15 LED Color Changing Stereo System is created to make this happen in a more simplified and easy way. Among other qualities, it features a translucent cabinet which alters the color at the touch of any button while allowing you to make the choice between about five different LED color change modes.

iA63 iPhone touch dock: The iHome’s iA5 is a portable electronic gadget that provides users of iPhone, iPod or Ipad with an FM Radio which comes with six presets. It was also designed with a motorized rotating dock which helps users to comfortably watch videos in landscape mode.

ip90 Dual alarm clock Radio: The iHome’s clock radio franchise has become so popular recently and the iP90 is at the heart of their  success. The ip90 was designed so that users could charge, play and wake to an electronic device like iPhone/ or iPod and it comes with several features among which are a remote, dual alarm for personal use, AM/FM pre-sets, Time Sync and many others.

Ihomeaudio: Provides The Best iPod Electronics

SDI Technologies has a thing for the design, refining and supplying of consumer products. It is a well known firm in the electronics industry for quality and fairness in price negotiations. In line with Timex and New Balance, iHome stands at the centre of their success in meeting Apple MFi standards with iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Its new Studio Series features a high quality, state-of-the-art audio system which apart from its unique style and design, it gives exactly what the artist wants you to hear. Its 4-channel amplifier empowers two 4″ honeycomb woofers and two 1″ dome twitters and combined with the Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station patent the listener enjoys an outstanding crystal clear sound.

Other known products are the LED Color Changing Stereo System,the Kitchen Timer and FM Clock Radio Speaker System for iPhone/iPod, the stunning AirPlay wireless audio system, the LED Color Changing Stereo System and more. Make your orders today and use our iHomeAudio Coupons to save money from the total purchase.

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