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NetFirms Hosting

NetFirms, which purchased Nexx Online hosting, provides effective clustered hosting packages with the latest hosting technology. They ensure that every website entrusted to their care do not ever become sluggish or go down. With Nexx Online, downtime is a history! They manage webpages, databases, file storage and e-mail messages with separate server clusters.  NetFirms offers a hosting technology that increases a site’s traffic. They also feature a 24/7 customer support services with qualified support representatives to ensure that the issues of every single user receives prioritized attention. They integrate their hosting services with professional applications that will jump-start your online empire. You can install the Zen Cart with the click of a button and start receiving money on your website – while using the accompanying tools to track and analyze your every sale.

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Is any of your website paralyzed with fluctuating up- and down-time? Do you have a new site and you are looking for a reliable host to help you present it before your potential visitors? Or are you just looking to start out on the internet, Nexx Online is a hosting firm that prioritizes every single website on their server and keeps them running 24/7 with their clustered hosting technology.

My NetFirms Review

NetFirms is the UK’s biggest web hosting company and one of the world’s biggest. They’ve been in business since 1998 and have a reputation for high quality and outstanding service. They’re all about doing more with less, so they make tools that are easy for anybody to use. They also offer some of the most competitive pricing you’re going to find for your hosting. Since they’re one of the biggest names in web hosting, I decided to write this review.

 What Makes NetFirms Cool

 NetFirms has 3 different plans that are all well-suited to big companies, small companies and regular everyday folks. Each of the packages contains some of the special features that they’re known for as well as a generous amount of bandwidth, data storage, and data transfer capacity. These packages offer multiple domain names and a web-based file manager that lets you edit your sites off-page (I really like this one).

 They even have a totally free option if you’re just getting started and not sure you want to dive right in. They give you 25 MB of disk space, FTP access and an email address with your domain name. The tradeoff is that they put ads and banners all over your site. Still, this is a cool way to get free web hosting and you can also try out their service before you buy.

 One of the biggest advantages of NetFirms is the price. They’re even cheaper with GoDaddy. Their cheapest plan gives you a domain name for just $4.95 a year and I don’t know any company that offers it for less. There’s also a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their service.

 The NetFirms control panel is a little bit unusual, but it’s extremely easy to use. It has everything you need in one place so you don’t have to go to each domain to manage databases or emails. Using the control panel is completely intuitive and if you have trouble with it, there are tutorials that walk you through.

 NetFirms Plus

 I thought I’d give you a little run-down on each of their packages. Plus is the cheapest and most basic plan. You get unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain, free credit for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, and Yahoo Bing Search, along with a free listing in the Yellow Pages. These extras come with every package. You get 5 databases and 50 multiple FTP accounts. This is the cheapest plan at $4.95 a month.

 NetFirms Advantage

 Advantage is better if you’d like to have multiple websites. You get 2 free domains and unlimited multi-website hosting. The package comes with 200 MySQL 5+ databases and you get 100 multiple FTP accounts. The Advantage Plan is $8.95 a month.

 NetFirms Business

 NetFirms’ Business Plan basically gets you an unlimited amount of everything you could possibly want. It gets you 5 free domains, unlimited multiple website hosting, as many MySQL databases as you want, and unlimited multiple FT accounts. You also get access to their premium customer support, which I guess means that when you call them, your call gets forwarded through first. All of this is only $12.95 a month.

 How Does NetFirms Compare

 One of the world’s biggest web hosting companies that rivals NetFirms is GoDaddy. It’s really popular because of its low price and comprehensive web-building, marketing, and SEO tools. Although GoDaddy does beat NetFirms in all the extra tools it offers, NetFirms offers more disk space, transfer rate, and bandwidth for each one of its plans. And at an even lower price.

 Another of NetFirms’ competitors is UK2.  UK2 actually beats out NetFirms in price. Their lowest plan is only $3 a month! But this price includes just one website and a really limited amount of bandwidth. You can get hosting at this rate for a personal website where you don’t expect a ton of visits, but it can’t handle any serious traffic. I researched online reviews of both, and I also found that NetFirms has generally happier customers. There are lots of negative reviews that say UK2′s customer support is slow and clueless.

 Customer Feedback & Testimonials

 Hands down, what everybody says in online reviews is that the cost is a major selling point. Even reviews that gave NetFirms a 1 out of 5 for everything else gave it a 5 for price. You’re not going to find web hosting this cheap anywhere else on the planet, especially with their Business Plan that gives you basically unlimited everything.

 Some reviews I read complained that customer support was slightly lacking. They said that when you deal with NetFirms support, you get a totally different person each time, and often they don’t read the entire email thread. This means that you have to keep explaining what you’re trying to do or what the problem is. It sounds like they could improve a bit in this area.

 A few reviews I read praised NetFirms for being more reliable than other web hosting they’d tried before. They said they liked the Site Probe feature that lets you know whenever one of your sites is having problems.

 Overall, I think NetFirms is pretty good. They offer lots of bandwidth and disk space at a price that’s just unbeatable. With their Advanced and Business Plans, you can get a lot for that low price. This is why they’re one of the most popular web-hosting companies in the world. Click on the NetFirms Coupons above to get the most recent deals.

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