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I’ve been running this blog since the winter of 2010 and it’s my one and only job. In 2011 I had to format my old PC twice cause it had stuck and abruptly died and eventually I had to buy a new one. Had it not been for the Norton online backup, each time I formatted my machine I would have lost all my files and documents which were related to my business i.e. endless contact lists, blogs where I had guest posted, invoices from various services, hundreds of articles and reports from my writers. Luckily, I had bought Norton 360 when I started my online venture, which apart from internet security and registry optimization, it gives 2GB-25GB of online backup storage.

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Why Must Every Computer User Consider Online Backup?

Online backup is a service that allows computer owners to safely transfer all the files, folders and any other necessary data from their PC to a safe off-site location. This service also provides clients unlimited access to all their backed up data with any of the modern browsers. Some online backup services also provide mobile applications with which users can have a mobile access to file backup and retrieval operations despite where they are or what they are doing at the moment. This service ensures that you don’t lose the precious data in your computer when your computer is lost, stolen or when it crashes.

A computer catastrophe is not a question of “if?” but “when?”. While everything may seem perfect today that blue-dreaded error message don’t knock before taking control of a computer screen and we need to be ready for such unfavorable days when the unexpected might happen. Yes, burning is a DVD or using a USB flash drive are good options but despite piling up into a separate, considerable load on their own, they can be rendered unreadable by surfaces they come in contact with and can be easily lost or stolen. Worst still, while majority of those that have chosen these backup methods are liable to store such items in their houses, what about other natural disasters that can befall a house at any minute, like fire and other major or minor home collapses? The truth is, until your data is backup on a separate remote off site location, you are yet to have a secured data. And this is what you get with an online backup.

Online backup provides you with safe, reliable backup operations which can automatically encrypt and transfer your delicate personal and business files and folders to a remote safe, off-site location while providing you access to it every second of the day; if you choose a well featured service like MyPC Backup, SugarSync and OpenDrive. With this, you don’t need that skip of heart beat every minute you don’t understand a dialogue box on your computer screen and there is no need to guide your PC with your life anymore; your entire personal and business traces can no longer be wiped by computer crashes or theft.

What To Look For In An Online Backup Service

If you finally decide to use online backup to secure your data and protect yourself and business from data loss, here are some of the qualities you need to look for in an online backup service:

The backup features: The online backup service to choose should have enough backup features among which are automatic backup, archiving, incremental backups and files managers. It should also come with a user-friendly interface and should be easy to use and should provide you unlimited access to their services through the web, mobile and from a remote location. These are very important as you may need to access some files while on a trip or while you are only with your mobile device.

Reliable security: If your files can be intercepted and read while in transit, then the service is worse than leaving the files on your PC. The right online backup service must be integrated with high levels of encryption both during transit and while in storage. Better still, it is better if you can find a service that stores your data on multiple servers.

Backup space: Online backup services provide different storage limits split into different plans for a monthly subscription fee. The spaces available ranges from gigabytes to terabytes while some come with unlimited storage space offered at a discounted annual fee. Make sure, therefore, to choose a service that certifies your storage space requirements.

Help & Support: The right online backup service should provide adequate help and support options including a user manual, FAQs page, live chat, phone, email and others.

Norton Online Backup – The Top Pick In Online Backup Service

Norton Online Backup is an automatic backup software that does more than secure your files, music, photos and other important documents from computer crashes and other unfavorable events that may cause data loss. It allows users to backup files from up to five of their family computers regardless of the platform they are running on. Additionally, you can even search backup sets for specific files by entering keywords. Surprisingly, you are a click away from sharing files on your backup set with family, friends and colleagues. The service allows users to compress files before backup in order to use less of their backup space while remaining scalable enough to increase as their backup needs increases.

Want to experience a a modern automated online backup operation that requires no manual activity but with well featured backup operations designed to provide fast, reliable, secure, professional-grade online backup and restore solutions? At $49.99, Norton Online Backup has been doing these and more for thousands of satisfied users and I am happy to say I am one of them.

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