Google Page Speed Online – An Important Tool for Reducing Your Hosting Cost

No soothsayer can predict success in a business. But, as an entrepreneur, you should not spare any efforts. When you have a website on your own, you must fortify it to the fullest extent in order to get a good traffic.This means that you need to make your web page perform optimally. For achieving this aim, Google Page Speed, a set of tools, can be highly helpful. In addition to analyzing the content of your web page, these tools will provide you with ideas and suggestions for increasing the speed of your web page. Apart from being available as a plug-in on Google Chrome as well as Firefox, an online version of this tool is also available now.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Page Speed Online?

The main advantage of this tool is the ease with which it can be used. It is not necessary that you should install browser extensions for using it. Installation of this tool is easy and for installing it, you have to visit If you type the name of your domain, you will get many suggestions of various rankings from Google for improving the speed of your website.

This tool will reduce the hosting cost of your website also. Just because the hosting cost is reduced considerably, you need not assume that the quality of hosting of your site will be low. In fact, you should never aim for low-quality hosting. Only if your website is hosted well, the traffic that visits your site will have a good and pleasant experience. If the traffic does not have a good experience while visiting your web page, they will never visit your site again. Not only that, they will spread word about this and this will be detrimental to your business. But, you need not have any qualms about the quality of hosting if you use Google Page Speed Online.

Why Should Your Website Be Fast?

If your website does not load fast, the traffic that tries to visit your web page may get frustrated and lose patience. In this fast-paced world in which competition is rampant in every field, every second counts. There are certain decisions that have to be made in split seconds and if your website loads slowly, it may turn everything topsy-turvy. If visitors lose patience and move away from your site, you can not get the desired results in your business. Your conversion rate may get a beating if your website loads slowly.

Consumer Behavior – A Study

A study conducted to find customer tendencies has revealed that speed of a website plays a vital role in the visitors’ behavior. According to this study, nearly 32% of the customers decide within 5 seconds to abandon sites that are slow. 67% of the consumers have confirmed that they never fail to stumble upon slow sites every week. 37% of the consumers are so frustrated with such slow sites that they decide not to re-visit these sites. 27% of consumers confirm that they have made up their minds to switch to competitors’ websites on visiting such slow sites. A whopping 80% of visitors confirm that they are not able to complete transactions including a purchase due to such slow websites. Almost 47% of these consumers abandon these sites when they are not able to complete their transactions.

In view of the foregoing, it is absolutely imperative that you should have a speedy web page for which Google Page Speed Online can be an effective tool.

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