Snapily Review

Snapily is a digital product creating website that delivers innovative photo gift products. The service was founded by the award-winning HumanEyes Technologies. This company is a big player in the business of creating digital products and providing same opportunities to individuals and businesses. Snapily is one of their services through which we can create 3D and animated prints, cards, invitations and much more. They use the lenticular printing technology to create greeting card, business card, notebook, invitation cards, scrapebook page, etc. They feature a wide range of uniquely designed products and themes allowing users unlimited options of creating a perfect product that fits their business or personal need.

If you and your children,  love scrapbooking, then you will totally be AMAZED with the ‘Do it Yourself’ notebook builder. You have full creative control to choose backgrounds, add images, text and all sorts of other cute elements. The possibilities are endless and the final result is a one of a kind personalized 3D notebook.

How To Use Snapily

Snappily provides the Snapily Gift Wizard to assist users from selecting the right product, or theme to actually turning out the right product. There is also the “start from scratch” option with which you can perfect your creativity. This option will allow you to choose two pictures after selecting the design you prefer. It is integrated with other features that will allow you to zoom, rotate or shift the picture to capture the right place and adjust it to your likeness. You can also include text messages on the product and customize it accordingly with several font selection, bold text, font color, etc. With the features offered by this firm you can easily create a digital product with two effects; a 3-dimensional effect or one with the illusion of change and movement.

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3D Printing

Snapily has found a revolutionary way to give life to book covers, business and greeting cards, notebooks and pictures by adding a 3rd dimension into the conventional 2 dimensional printing. You give them your photos, they will print them, give them motion and send them back to you.

The Snapily 3D App

This company is not only a web service. With the introduction of the Snapily 3D app, users can now turn their iPhone and iPad into an updated 3D gadget; creating 3D pictures out of personal, family or friend’s pictures right off their Smartphone. With the app, you can take any picture that interests you, create a 3D effect with it and either post on your website, Flikr, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or place a 3D order directly from Snapily at a token. The app includes several shooting and view modes like the gyroscope and anaglyph mode.

Where can you access this app and other services? The Snapiy 3D app is available through the company’s app store. Alongside the Snapily 3D app is another service which allows 3D camera owners and 3D Smartphone owners to print high-quality 3D files even in MPO and JPS file formats. This service is easy, affordable and takes a simple process of uploading the 3D pictures for print. The pictures will be printed and sent back within days.

What I Don’t Like On Snapily Products

It is true that Snapily is still a bit new in the industry but they really have a remarkable service and products listed on their website. However, the font customization options are very limited. While the font options are minimal, users are not provided the option for font alignment. Also, some users have complained that their final product is a bit darker than what the preview suggests. While this may be attributed to the lenticular printing process, we hope that they will look into perfecting these limitations as they grow in business.

The Outcome

 Snapily has brought a revolution to what you can do with pictures. Their impact with the 3D printing service has allowed many individuals and businesses to achieve more with less. Now coupled with the Snapily 3D app, there is obviously no limit to what users can do with 3D pictures. If you have been dreaming of creating something very unique and self-expressive with pictures, think of what you can do when your Smartphone becomes a 3D creating gadget. You can create and enjoy your designs, share with friends on your favorite social media sites or order for print directly from their website.

The company offers promotional deals as well as gifts. Click on the Snapily Coupons above to redeem them and save money from your orders.

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