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With normal use of your PC over time, if it is not serviced junk will accumulate, cluttering up drive space and memory. As a result problems such as freezing and crashing will develop. These are things you do not want to happen to your PC, as it could result in the loss of your very important files, not to mention the costs in time and money for repairs. What a mechanic does for a motor vehicle, the System Mechanic is touted to do for your computer.

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What System Mechanic Does

System Mechanic is a computer tune-up software that will make your PC run like new again. It fixes registry errors and cleans up system-clogging clutter form computers. It also speeds up your PC, boosts the startup time, and increases web speed by up to 300%. Additionally, it fixes computer crashes, freezes and fragmentation too.

What Reviewers Say About System Mechanic

The product does seem to be delivering on the promises of the makers based on the responses of the majority of persons who have purchased it. Sue B. Honey of Tallahassee FL says she has been using System Mechanic for almost five years 5 years and calls the software a “God-send”. She claims to have bought a new machine and among her first installs was System Mechanic software. Easy to set up and configure as well as great value for the cost, was the view expressed by Matthew Williamson of Ontario Canada. Elizabeth Simone Gallatin-Eberly confesses to “straying occasionally” but always finds her way back to System Mechanic for the simple reason that it makes good on its promise of doing what it says it will. And Roger Hall boasts that he tells everyone he talks to who has computer problems about System Mechanic. He sums up what the users are unanimously saying in three words, “It is great”.

Pros and Cons

Pros associated with System Mechanic are its ease of use and easy installation. It also does not use much system resources while running silently in the background. One of the cons accompanying System Mechanic is that it is dogged by reports of poor customer support. Another is that unless you have an Internet connection it cannot be activated and therefore won’t work. It is also said to remove drivers such as scan and fax drivers from PCs. The product being good for only one year after activation is one more strike against System Mechanic.

System Mechanic’s Problems and Complaints

One W. Hall makes a serious complaint against the makers of System Mechanic. He alleges that by default the software is sending information on the user back to the makers, and deciphering how to halt this process is difficult. Lyle Scholten admits it speeded up his computer but by only about 10% and not the 300% as promised. He also says the program missed seven registry errors which were picked up afterwards by a different software and he removed System Mechanic after three days. B. Safe from Harrisburg PA says he wishes he could rate in negative stars for the product, and when he called technical support for assistance it was like talking to one of the three stooges. After installing the software on two computers both ended up with problems, Axis B stated.

Other Information

Purchasers are reminded to exercise caution when buying these types of software, especially from third parties, as you run the risk of purchasing bogus, or already registered versions of the software. Iolo issues coupons so that you can have up to 50% discount on your purchase. Click on the links above to redeem the Iolo Coupons.


While a number of persons have expressed dissatisfaction with the System Mechanic software the majority say they are pleased with it. The product has been rated 4 ½ out of a maximum 5 stars on the Amazon website as per their customer review ratings and this must account for something. PC users who intend to make major changes to their computers, as software of this nature is wont to do, should always remember that backing up their system and registry is the prudent thing to do.

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Written by Steven Papas

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