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WebWatcher Review

WebWatcher is the main software of Awareness Technologies which started in 2002 in Los Angeles initially with the mission to supply intelligence services with special software. Since then they have expanded their scope to cover a wider range of needs and created WebWatcher, LaptopCop and InterGuard which are known security computer programs for both businesses and individuals. Today, WebWatcher is the top software which was developed to monitor and record computer use even the slightest keystroke. It can be used by anyone who their position implies the control of the activity of other persons. For example, parents can use WebWatcher to monitor what their children do online, what they see and even what they type. Also, suspicious spouses can tail their partner as well as employers can control their employees without even being in the office. WebWatcher records the behavior and actions of the computer users in great detail and makes them available to the person who is immediately concerned, through the internet.

What’s The Importance of a Monitoring Software

There are all kinds of nasty things online that you want to keep your kids away from. These include cyber-bulling, adult sites, web predators, and other things you don’t want them finding. It’s good to have a little sit-down with your kids and discuss some ground rules for surfing the Internet. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough. Little fingers start clicking and curiosity gets the best of them. They’ll have the urge to enter risky chat rooms and do things they know they shouldn’t be doing. This is why Awareness Technologies created WebWatcher. To really keep your kids safe from harm online, you need to monitor what they’re doing so that you can catch potential dangers before they strike. WebWatcher lets you configure you child’s computer, monitor websites visited, and view logs remotely.

Similarly, this software shows you real time what your employees are doing while they are working at the office and you are out, as well as whom your spouse talks to when you are away – in case you suspect cheating. Here are some of the features that WebWatcher offers.

Remote Monitoring

This is the main feature of WebWatcher which enables the user to access the computer where the software is installed and watch the recorded data as if he was standing in front of it. That is
why this software goes a step further from the other keylogger programs with which you have to actually get into the computer and see what’s recorded inside or which only email you the data instead of giving you complete access to the PC you are following. Also, although you can be far away, you still have almost real time data which means that in fact you are following the activities of that person which right now sits on that computer. The use of this feature is so simple that you can start using WebWatcher directly without having to read a manual before. Many software programs require you to continually access your child’s computer, but not so with WebWatcher. Remote monitoring allows you to watch what they’re doing online without having to touch their computer again once the software is installed. You can log in to their online interface from any computer that has Internet access. From there, you can see all of the sites they’ve visited and emails they’ve sent.

Who Are They Emailing?

One area where WebWatcher goes above and beyond other monitoring software is its email monitoring. You can easily get the details of every email sent. The computer you are following will automatically save each message so that you can access it using WebWatcher’s online interface. WebWatcher lets you not only read the message, but tells you whether it was sent or received, who the sender and receiver were, the time and date, and see and download any attachments that were sent along with it. No other software offers these many options for email monitoring.

What Were They Typing?

WebWatcher has a keystroke logger function that lets you monitor every single keystroke the computer makes. You can find out who was typing, what they were typing and what files were used. Even if the document isn’t saved, the keystrokes are still logged so that you can access them. Using keystroke logger, you can know absolutely everything your employees or your kids were saying. They also have an ‘Alert Word’ function where the software filters for specific keywords chosen by you. You can use this Alert Word for specific words, phrases or names. Like emails, key strokes are recorded along with time, date and programs used.

What’s Going On In Chat Rooms

When you are away from office you often wonder: “are they really working back there or they waste time on online chatting and Facebook?” or someone else could ask: “who is my husband/wife chatting with when I am out of the house?”. One popular feature of WebWatcher’s software program is Instant Message Monitor. This feature records what is said on both sides of a chat or IM session. Complete conversations are recorded for you to review later. You can see the participants, date, start time, end time, and all contents of messages. Like its keystroke monitoring, Instant Message Monitor lets you use Alert Word to filter for certain words or phrases. It can also take an automatic screenshot of any messages that contain the specific word. This keeps you from having to search through each message looking for it.

Block Unwanted Websites

While all child protection software offers blocking capabilities, those offered by WebWatcher are among the best. You can monitor all websites visited, along with the time of day, total number of searches and search words or phrases used. You can block unwanted sites using both the site’s URL or the page’s content. The software performs an instant scan of the site to determine its safety according to parameters set by you. It will then instantly block the message and your child will see an error message when they try to access the site. You’ll also know when they’ve tried to access sites that you’ve blocked. Since this is done in real-time, the program can also block new websites instantly without slowing down the computer’s speed at all.

Alert Word System

WebWatcher can help you save time from searching among your daily e-mails in order to sort out the important ones from the clutter. Simply set up the Alert Word System to track, flag

Webwatcher Remote Keylogger: Click to enlarge

and notify you of those high priority emails you expect as soon as they come and get directly to them bypassing the rest. Furthermore, it filters and organizes all your data in such way that when you search for a term Alert Word System will find it for you. Also, you can submit certain keywords in the database of the system so that whenever someone types these words or if they appear in an online text, the software will take screenshots and notify you immediately. Apart from that, with the Block List feature, WebWatcher blocks the sites which you don’t want others to watch and restricts them from loading.

Indeed, much of what makes WebWatcher stand out from the rest is its Alert Word feature. It cuts down dramatically on the time you have to spend searching through website logs or email messages. WebWatcher uses the best web filtering software possible. Alert Word scans all of the data the program has recorded and pulls out only the information that you’ve chosen. The program finds it for you, flags it and tells you immediately in real-time when a site with the word has been accessed. Whether you’re on the lookout for adult sites or sites about drugs and other risky information, you can use this feature to filter and call your attention to certain dangers.

See What They’re Seeing

Because you can’t stand behind your kid while they’re on the computer and see everything they’re seeing, WebWatcher does it for you by taking screenshots. A screenshot is a picture of the entire screen exactly as the user sees it. WebWatcher takes screenshots and saves them in chronological order so that you can view them at your leisure. Once the software is installed on a computer, it automatically starts recording what’s seen and this is completely invisible to the user. Using WebWatcher’s remote capabilities, you can see these screenshots anywhere from any device that can access the Internet. You can combine this feature also with the Alert Word function so that it updates you with a screenshot whenever a risky word or phrase appears.

What Are They Searching For?

Another time-saving feature is WebWatcher’s Searches Performed function. This function scans every search that your children perform in every search engine, including major ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and smaller ones as well. If your child looks up the keyword ‘porn’ or ‘how to pass a drug test,’ you’ll know it. This function can be configured to look for certain phrases and related searches. It records, sorts, filters, and organizes this data so that it’s easy for you to retrieve. Used along with WebWatcher’s revolutionary blocking technology, it effectively keeps your kids from searching for information you don’t want them to see.

An Up To Date Program For Today’s Needs

Today, more and more children are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. WebWatcher is especially designed for monitoring activity on sites like this including chats and searches. The company also offers mobile services for parents who are on the go. They have software made especially for Blackberry and Android that lets you access all of this data from your smartphone. All of the same functions offered in the regular package are also available for monitoring with your mobile device.

The online world is especially scary for parents today. Our parents didn’t have to worry about who our kids were talking to or what they were learning about. As long as the kids were in the house, you knew that they were safe. This is not so nowadays. The Internet puts us in touch with everyone and everything. While this is a good thing, it can be dangerous for our children. Having a serious talk with your children isn’t enough. WebWatcher provides an effective and comprehensive solution for parents who know they need to keep an eye on what their kids do online.

How to Use Webwatcher

In this video you see for yourself what the software can do, its main interfaces and functions.

Does Awareness Technologies Issue Discount Coupons?

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