Testosterone Dosages In Bodybuilding And Powerlifting

Are you into bodybuilding and powerlifting? Then, you may think of consuming testosterone in your life. Most people do because that helps them in several different ways. Testosterone is the main element of the human body. It is basically the sex hormones that lead to the growth of the human body. Not just the growths but there are several other benefits that you can experience. But with age, the level of testosterone in the human body starts getting low. So, what should a person do at that time of their life?


A person can consume testosterone in the form of a tablet or through injections. Once you do that, then it will help you with several different things, which are-

  • It helps in increasing bone density and makes your bones stronger. After a certain age, people start losing bone density. But with the testosterone, you may not face that problem.
  • With the help of testosterone, you will be able to reduce the fat. It distributes the fat. 
  • People get the chance to gain muscle strength and mass, and they can become stronger. Therefore, it is an essential thing in bodybuilding as they want to gain muscle mass.
  • When you take testosterone, there can be proper production of the sperm, which will also help in driving sex.

There are many more benefits that you can experience, which can benefit the bodybuilder and powerlifter in several different ways. But before you start taking it, you need to know that it also has side effects. So, you must consult with the doctor first.

Dosage of testosterone in powerlifting and bodybuilding 

If you are a builder, it is essential for you to take 300mg or more of testosterone every week. With time, the tolerance of the body increases; it builds up over time. That is why with time, they may intake 3500 mg of testosterone or even more every week. When they will do so, then that will improve their effects, and they will start seeing the changes that come in their body. To improve their sports performance. they often use dianabol for sale as a form of testosterone. It has a higher anabolic rating than testosterone, therefore it builds even bigger muscles.

If you are into bodybuilding, then Testosterone Suspension is one of the best hormones you can choose. It is because it does not have ester. Among the bodybuilder, it is commonly known as the potent mass agent. It is the most powerful steroid which is available there that helps in producing muscle mass and strength so quickly.

But one thing that every bodybuilder or powerlifter needs to consider is to take the dosage in the right amount. They can consult with the doctor because if they will not, there will be consequences that can cause several problems for the people. There can be side effects which they may have to consider. But lower level of testosterone is also not beneficial because that affects the strength of the person’s body.

 So, you can say that injecting testosterone can be quite beneficial. But you should know about the right amount or dosage, and then only you should take it.

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