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There is a large number of good free products on the software market, which in terms of functionality are in no way inferior to commercial solutions, but are often undeservedly ignored by the user audience. This state of affairs is largely due to the abundance of junk on the Internet, stuffed with adware modules and actively promoted in search engines by interested parties under the guise of free software. It is not surprising that smart and well-made applications simply get lost in the network environment and do not find their user. Our today’s post is intended to change this situation.

The programs listed below solve various problems and can be useful to all users of a Windows computer. They are guaranteed to be free of viruses and advertising bookmarks, they do not impose third-party software, and do not secretly change the operating system settings. The open-source code of some products also deserves mention, and many applications have portable versions that do not require installation, do not clutter up the system, and can be run from USB drives on any computer at hand.


A program for recovering data from technically sound media, be it SD memory cards, CompactFlash and Memory Stick, USB and SSD drives, external and internal hard drives, cameras, camcorders, players and many other devices. Allows you to reconstruct damaged file systems, recover deleted files and data after formatting disks. R.saver supports exFAT, FAT / FAT32, NTFS, HFS, HFS +, APFS, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS, Btrfs, UFS / UFS2, Adaptec UFS, Open ZFS, Sun ZFS, NWFS, NSS … It is also possible to automatically assemble RAID arrays, provided that all the devices that make up the array are connected and the metadata is correct. For novice users, the application interface is provided with step-by-step instructions for data recovery. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on the omnipotence of R.saver, but in some cases the program can really do a good job.


An utility for diagnosing the operation of hard drives and solid-state drives that support S.M.A.R.T. It allows you to monitor the “health” and temperature of the HDD / SSD, analyze the activity of using the disk, calculate its remaining life and identify various problems in the operation of the device. The information obtained with the help of the program can be used not only to obtain information about the premature wear of the drives connected to the computer, but also to make an informed decision about the need to create a backup copy of the data. There is no need to talk about the relevance of CrystalDiskInfo, especially in light of the widespread use of SSDs – due to the limited resource of flash memory, which sooner or later loses its ability to store information.


An application that is an excellent alternative to the popular μTorrent and other torrent clients in demand on the global network. A feature of Tixati is a simple interface, behind the guise of which is a multifunctional tool for exchanging files using the BitTorrent protocol. The program supports magnet links, allows you to prioritize file downloads and control the data transfer rate, can work according to a user-defined schedule and automatically start torrent downloads from RSS subscriptions. In addition, the application supports data encryption and Peer Exchange / DHT BitTorrent protocol extensions that allow you to download trackerless torrents. Also, Tixati has its own secure messaging system. The product is actively developed and supported by the developer.

Five Tips to Consider Before Hiring Java Developers

This modern era of technology has led to many technological advancements in the field of business and marketing. Java, a programming language, has made a significant impact in almost every field of an online presence. The thirst for growing is quenched by going online for your business, and the hidden tool fulfilling this need is Java.

To promote your business, you can choose either a website or an app. This creates the need for professional java developers like Java Development Company. Finding a perfect developer for your business site becomes much easier when you know about the criterion for picking the best.

Here are five important tips to consider before hiring a java developer.

1. Do not hesitate to Explore Your Options

To avoid all the hustle, most people often settle with the first option they find. But, unfortunately, the desperation of getting your business up online often leads you to take the wrong decision.

Your business represents you, and you must settle with the best when it is related to your hard-earned name. . Once you are involved with the search, you will start having a better perception of things.

2. Look For Qualification and Certification of the Developer

High-qualified developers will surely have some better ideas and suggestions along with a better understanding of java development. The output of certified developers is comparatively higher.  Developers with core java programming knowledge will prove to be beneficial in this venture.

It is suggested to look for a versatile java developer with various skills in his hand. Besides developing knowledge, other skills like database CSS and PHP are important tools in developing.

3. Track the Process and Stay in Touch

 No one else will have better knowledge about your business than you. So start tracking the progress of the developer and ask about his approach. This way, you will be able to put your thoughts too on your business site.

Keep track of all the planned features on your site and choose the best accordingly. Find the developers like Java Developing Company who involve you in the journey. Avoid developers who do not involve you in the process.

 4. Know About Your Developers Technical Knowledge

 There are various technicalities associated with a good java developer. Therefore it is important to pick the one with the most technical understandings. Some of them are listed below.

  • HTML, JavaScript, And JQuery
  • XML and JSON Markup languages
  • Concepts of Object-oriented programming
  • Understanding of Web Framework
  • SQAP/REST services

5. See Reviews to See Things Through

Thorough research and idea about all the options available will come in handy to pick the option for. Take suggestions from those who know about this. Explore online for best business developers. Be sure to check the portfolio and reviews of your developer.

In the final analysis, Java development is a critical process to decide the future of your business online. If you are looking for the best among all java developers, we suggest visiting Java Development Company for the best results.

10 Best Websites with Event Flyer Templates for Photoshop

It is no secret that a well-written and well-designed flyer turns into a powerful promotion tool that can reach out to the right people. The question is where do you get flyer templates that look creative and professional at the same time? Luckily, you don’t have to be a graphic designer or a Photoshop expert to craft an eye-catchy sample. All you need is a list of websites that stock thousands of unique and fully editable templates fit for various occasions – and such a list is what we offer below.

Keep scrolling to read about advantages and peculiarities of ten amazing websites with event flyer templates.

1.     Freepik

Without a doubt we can call a popular and trustworthy website. In its extensive database of graphic products the category of flyer templates remains one of the broadest. From DJ parties to conferences and cooking master classes – here you’ll find a template apt for any type of event, you just name it! Freepik offers thousands of PSD freebies and premium files; whichever option you choose it will stand to the highest standards.

2.     Elegantflyer

With its impressive selection has become a popular choice of many professionals, artists and business owners. Since fresh files appear on the stock every day you can easily find a smart flyer template perfect for your event. While the category of Free flyers will amaze you with its variety of trendy products, the Premium section offers plenty of unique options that are well worth the money. Affordable prices at Elegantflyer are an obvious advantage. Overall is a reliable site which won’t disappoint you.

3.     Free-PSD-templates

Created by a group of friendly professionals, ensembles some of the widest selection of templates out there. As it becomes obvious from the name, all files on this amazing resource are free. You will enjoy navigating through the categories as the site is well-organized. An interesting blog will inspire both graphic designers and regular users. We believe that can easily become your creative hub.

4.     Graphic River

A division of the global resource, Graphic River contains a vast scope of graphic materials, the category of flyer templates included. Although all files are available for a fee, their variety and high quality are worth paying for. Filters, categories and tags make on-site searching quick and easy. Whichever the theme of your future event is, you’ll find a flyer template for its promotion in no time.


The amount of graphic materials available on can surprise anyone. Although most of the files are Premium, the amount of PSD freebies is big enough to cover any users’ need and purpose. However, finding a proper event flyer template won’t take more than a few minutes as the resource has an easy and intuitive navigation. Enjoy it!

6.     Creative Market

With its enjoyable graphics and modern outlay, can easily become your favorite resource to draw inspiration from. Intuitive navigation and a set of smart filters will aid at finding an event flyer template (or any other type of graphic materials) with ease. An exciting blog will give you plenty of new ideas and useful info. Mind that all files at Creative Market are paid but you can also find free goods and special offers.

7.     Pikbest presents itself as a global resource of ready-made graphic templates. Rich selection of files available at this site can impress even the seasoned professionals. Browsing through the site you will find products for every budget and taste. Visit the category of flyer templates to find materials that match your needs perfectly.

8.     Stockpsd

Featuring free materials will come in handy if you’re working on a tight budget. This user-friendly site works as a guide to free files from other popular resources. Don’t hesitate to visit the category of flyer templates which keeps expanding with the new additions. Simple design and smart navigation on Stockpsd will help you pick the right file.

9.     PSDfreebies is a popular resource which offers high-quality graphic materials free of charge. With the clear structure and simple navigation, it can work as a quick remedy for those who need unique samples for their creative projects. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant menu template or for a sample to promote your business conference the category of flyer templates at PSDfreebies has great offers waiting for you.

10.  Flyerheroes

Created by the graphic pros can save you as a superhero in a case of a creative emergency. Focusing mostly on flyers it offers a wide array of templates fit for every taste and purpose. You can download free files in the freebies section, choose among Premium templates or purchase a PRO subscription. In any case Flyerheroes will meet your needs.

Now with this ultimate list on your hands you simply need to choose a resource which matches your goals and budget most. Search through a site’s stock to pick the right flyer template, and customize it up to your needs in Adobe Photoshop without extra effort. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the process!

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